Libra Horoscope 2007

LIBRA 2007OVERVIEW: Balancing acts are something you do very well, and you’ll be regular tightrope walker this year! You have a natural ability to patiently give people your valuable time, and weigh new ideas without jumping to conclusions. Lots of rewards both personally and professionally will come from being able to work hard creating various successful projects in your career.

Long-deserved appreciation for all the love, respect and uplifting energy you exhibit will connect you with new opportunities for advancement in 2007. It may be time to do some public speaking engagements. You have spent a lot of time mastering your communication skills, and you’ll experience personal transformation in a deep and profound way. People listen to you because you have something important to say and know how to articulate what you mean. You could easily find yourself in the public limelight.

The home fires burn strongly this year as your interest in your family life sustains you. You are proud of your roots and your family bonds are very strong. Your softhearted nature — exemplified by giving to your family without asking for anything in return — comes naturally to you. Your nurturing gives people a deep sense of security and stability, and helps them to be more successful in their own lives.

Short trips and travel will intellectually stimulate you this year, and provide a refreshing change of scenery. Since you see the value of different pursuits and are optimistic to change, you will start new creative projects using your idealistic visions and wonderful imagination. You’ll benefit from finding your inner resources and expressing them artistically. Creative writing could be greatly profitable for you this year. Sharpen your pencil and get going!

CAREER: All your hard work this year will be rewarded when you receive plenty of recognition. You are motivated to succeed at whatever you do and dramatic advancement in your career is very likely. The resources needed to make your business profitable will easily come to you. Your self-starting ability does well in independent enterprises. New offers and proposals to start up business ventures will come your way. Because you have the management skills to help others keep on track, you are recognized as a natural conduit for manipulating the acquisition and distribution of resources.

You are courageous and forge ahead of the group and are likely to be clever in dealing with issues of finance or property rights. You are definitely making the right choices to be on the winning team. Because of your expansive self-growth and determination, your career may experience a lot of changes. You are great at discovering areas where you could be more creatively profitable in. Your drive, stamina and commitment generate an aura of calm and collected inner strength. You have achieved a natural talent at working with others from overcoming many personal challenges in your own life. Deep transformation spontaneously happens to you through communication. People know that you walk your walk, and talk your talk.Your clarity and ability to find a positive expression for your energies can be a source of inspiration. Your strong communication skills may even find you enjoying writing articles and being successful in publishing them. You also would make a good teacher, attorney or healthcare specialist. Because you have such a strong urge for personal security and the energy of a great healer, you should be able to channel that positive energy in a way to help others in any of these fields. Rest assured: 2007 is a big one for you!

LOVE: Romanticizing and experiencing your emotions in a relationship is what you truly look for. Finding new ways to be inspired and motivated to express your idealism keeps you very interested in philosophy and higher wisdom this year. Your visions and creative insights strike up a passion inside that you want to share with your lover. You need someone like you who is gentle, receptive and charming and also drawn to the nostalgic.

Before you give your loyalty and kindness to another, it’s important to feel sure that your values are appreciated in an affectionate and intimate way. Having a sensual and passionate connection, both materially and spiritually, fulfills your desire to relate on a deeper level. For you, there is no such thing as a superficial contact with another. You benefit from curbing expression of your passion until you know that you’re getting as much as you’re giving. Your partner needs to understand that your inner, spiritual world is more important to you than mundane achievements. Even in partnership you seek your own roots, your own sense of security and your own needs. It is important to nurture yourself and share your capacity to nurture and be nurtured.You are definitely ready for that intimate relationship this year, and it is bound to come your way during the springtime or early summer. You will enjoy developing the interpersonal expression you crave. Your need to feel part of a unit rather than merely an isolated ego will prompt an attraction to someone who excites you to no end. Your passion will match theirs. Enjoy!

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